This is where you can peruse topics that may be pertinent for Dr. Lawrence Scott to engage your faculty, staff, community, or constituency.

Inspirational Past Lectures and Speech Topics

“Holistic Education for Today’s Learners”

Reaching today’s youth can be challenging, yet rewarding. Students are cognitively accustomed to multifaceted modalities because of their overwhelming exposure and accessibility to multimedia via television, the internet, and the likes. Therefore, educators must be fully equipped to depart from the traditional lecture style of instruction, and adopt instructional strategies that can adequately address the needs of today’s learner. This lecture provides a myriad of cross-curricular strategies that will help educators mediate ANY lesson in the language which their students will readily understand. 



“Bullying Prevention and Intervention”

Bullying has become an epidemic that has negatively affected all parts of society. Countless students have been traumatized, afraid to go to school, and some have even become bullies themselves. Unfortunately, some have even committed suicide because of the overwhelming feelings of hopelessness that accompanies the scares caused by bullying. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! As a guidance counselor for a major school district, Dr. Scott has trained numerous teachers, students, and parents on how to address bullying head on. Dr. Scott will provide data and materials that can help educators and administrators prevent bullying on their campuses, while learning how to effectively intervene where bullying is present. Parents will be given a “How To Prevent Bullying” presentation that will illustrate ways to deal with the issue, and how to speak to their children about bullying.


Drop Out Prevention

High school drop-out rates have been an important topic for legislators, educators, and administrators for many years. Unfortunately, based on data trends, this issue will not resolve itself. Dr. Scott provides empirical data as well as experience to help educators use “Best Practices” to motivate students, and increase your graduation rates.


Career and College Readiness

As a guidance counselor, professor, and administrator, Dr. Scott has mastered the art of giving students comprehensive career and college guidance. Throughout the year, Dr. Scott has planned with individual students, and has been blessed to see their plans come to fruition. This lecture peruses varying career opportunities, the education needed to obtain the desired career, and income generated by their career choices. Students will also be able to differentiate between the varying career incomes and the skill-sets needed for upward mobility in the particular career field.


Metamorphosis Into Manhood

With the images of men portrayed in the media today, many young men feel that being responsible and educated Not Cool.  Over the years, Dr. Scott has led a male specific mentoring group called Boys to Men (which has been adopted in several schools in Texas) that has focused on the holistic development of young men. Dr. Scott will examine ways young men can prepare for manhood. Young men will learn how to become better participants in their personal and interpersonal growth. To dichotomize growth and development: We know that ALL young men will grow, but NOT all young men obtain the tools to develop, mature, and position themselves to be successful sons, fathers, husbands, and community leaders.


Equitable Education: How to Reach Students in Urban Communites

This lecture is one of Dr. Scott’s favorite lectures because it delves into his passion to replicate his measure of success in others from urban communities. Since Dr. Scott is a product of an impoverished area in the inner-city, in which education was not paramount, he understands the resilience it takes to overcome the obstacles caused by societal pressures of anti-intellectualism that permeates our inner city communities. Dr. Scott will share with your students his personal narratives of tragedy to triumph in his transitions into manhood, while encouraging educators to continue reaching students and planting seeds in their lives and the lives of their communities.