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Bullying and the American Ethos

By Joshua Reyes

But for a tiny oversight in application, bullying would be celebrated rather than condemned. It aligns with an enduring American belief that exercising power over others is important. “Because I can do this to others, I’m better,” goes the thinking. Weekly, hundreds of thousands crowd into football stadiums to cheer one team…

Why Science Majors Change Their Minds (It’s Just So Darn Hard)

By Joshua Reyes

LAST FALL, President Obama threw what was billed as the first White House Science Fair, a photo op in the gilt-mirrored State Dining Room. He tested a steering wheel designed by middle schoolers to detect distracted driving and peeked inside a robot that plays soccer. It was meant as an inspirational moment:…

Enrollment report highlights challenges for public schools

By Joshua Reyes

A new report from the Texas Education Agency on enrollment in Texas public schools has some interesting information district leaders may want to share when talking about challenges in public education. Former State Demographer Steve Murdock for years has been warning of a population trend of declining numbers of Anglos in Texas…

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